"it's fine to be hungry, you know."


Elena Dunkle in the hospital

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Amy Cheney

Anorexia nervosa is an illness of secrets, of isolation, and of hidden shame.

Many people misunderstand it and blame its victims. They believe that anorexics are acting through free choice, and in fact, even some anorexics believe this. But it isn't true. This is a mental illness. It is characterized by compulsions that are extremely difficult to control.

Patients and non-patients of anorexia nervosa need to begin to educate one another. The more we can bring anorexia out into the light and talk about it, the better it will be for all of us. We can't keep hiding and blaming. We need to understand.

Therapy exercise: body image diagram
fat ➙ disgusted ➙ upsetting ➙ hopeless ➙ legs ➙ arms ➙ thighs ➙ fat
control ➙ restriction ➙ isolation ➙ loneliness ➙ sad
perfection ➙ ambition ➙ critical ➙ despair ➙ imperfection ➙ control
give up ➙ insecure ➙ neurotic ➙ emotional
food ➙ primitive ➙ struggle ➙ helpless ➙ disgusting ➙ embarrassing ➙ overwhelmed
anger ➙ exercise ➙ flabby ➙ exercise ➙ never enough ➙ anger"

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Diary excerpt: watch my halo shine so brilliantly
"watch my halo shine so brilliantly."